Replacing your Apex Triggers with Processes and Invocable Actions

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Triggers are great, they let you react to pretty much anything that happens to your records in Salesforce in also any way that you want. There are a few things that are not so great about triggers though, the main two being: You can’t control the order in which they execute. Disabling triggers requires creating a Change Set, updating tests …

Embrace the Power of the aura:systemError Event

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If you’ve done any serious development with Lightning then you’ll know that the way it swallows JavaScript errors that would normally appear in the console can be really frustrating. By making use of the aura:systemError event though you can make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Writing True Unit Tests using Dependency Injection and Mocking in Apex

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Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control are all the rage these days even though the concept is very simple and has been around a long time, with frameworks such as Spring and Angular promoting this approach to application development. Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control don’t require a framework to implement though, and you can get a lot of the benefits of both …

Variable Scope in Apex

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At some point all of us have seen “Compile Error: Variable does not exist” when saving an Apex class. One of the most common causes of this (after forgetting to create the variable in the first place) is an issue with the scope of the variable. Variable scope is a concept that I’ve found new programmers (or programmers coming from environments …

The Salesforce Architect Academy

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Dreamforce was crazy. Whilst I’m regaining my sanity I want to write about one specific thing that was announced, the Salesforce Architect Academy. As someone who is aiming to become a Certified Technical Architect in the not-too-distant future, this is a huge deal.


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Last week Salesforce made a global announcement introducing the new Lightning Experience which was broadcast live from San Francisco to Developer and User Groups around the world. In case you missed out you can re-watch the broadcast on What the whole announcement boils down to is this – Salesforce as you know (and maybe love) it is getting a huge …

Trailhead Is Now Even More Awesome

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If you’ve not heard of it already – Trailhead is Salesforce’s brand new all-singing, all-dancing interactive learning platform. It’s fun, it’s free and you can earn badges and points – which makes it dangerously addictive.

Using Named Credentials in Apex

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Almost every Salesforce Org will make use of a third party web service for something. It could be something as simple as posting to Twitter, to a complex integration with a third party orders and payments system. The new Named Credentials feature streamlines and simplify the process of using authenticating with third party web services within Apex code.

Say Hello to @testSetup in Spring ’15

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Anyone who has developed for the Salesforce platform knows how important testing is. The Spring ’12 (API version 24.0) release introduced the isolation of test data from organization data in unit tests which really shook things up. Now the Spring ’15 (API version 33.0) release is here and whilst the change introduced is not quite as revolutionary it will make …

Why You Should Become An Implementation Expert

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As a developer, you’re probably thinking that the only Salesforce certifications that will be useful to you are the Developer and Advanced Developer. I’m going to explain why you are wrong. I’ve recently studied for, sat, and passed the Sales Cloud Consultant exam and I’m currently working towards the Service Cloud Consultant exam. I think that doing so …